Love’s Heirloom

Eddie is confronted by a ghost that Alex resembles. Neither trusts the other. Can their unlikely relationship help them survive the imminent danger?

Could the legend of Diamondback Jack be true?

How else can Eddie explain a man showing him the entrance to a hidden gold mine on his ranch —then mysteriously vanishing?

When Eddie meets Alex, his resemblance to the stranger outside the mine instantly causes suspicion. But that ghostly apparition soon reappears, and warns Eddie that he’ll need Alex’s help if he’s to overcome the evil that lurks around him.

In this ‘enemies to lovers’ romance, will Eddie and Alex be able to overcome their mistrust and nurture an unlikely love affair? Or will those who wish them harm use their differences to destroy them?

Love’s Heirloom is not a standalone book. Please read Love’s Legacy first.

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